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About Us

Our inks are made with berries so they are safe and non-toxic and vegan approved. 

Our licensed and insured Airbrush Tattoo Artists have thousands of beautifully colored Temporary Airbrush Tattoo designs that appeal to all ages. Our Professional Airbrush Tattoo Artist's enable your guests to experience all the excitement of getting a Tattoo without any "pain" or long term consequences.
We can duplicate virtually any Logo (given the appropriate lead time). Your guests will often proudly wear their custom Airbrush Tattoo days after leaving your event, providing the perfect marketing tool! This marketing appeals to all age groups.

After Care Instructions

1. Do not rub or scrub tattoo, pat or air dry tattooed area.


2. Powder or light hair spray after bathing and before sleeping.


3. Keep tight fitting clothing from rubbing on



4. Do not apply any oils or lotions on tattoo
do not shave over tattoo.



The experience was amazing, I lol'd so hard. Plus the Tattoo lasted 2 weeks. 5 Stars!



My child got the Tattoo when we arrived, they told us that if something happened in the bounce house to bring him back. Kyler went into the bounce house and it came off. He was upset and crying. They redid the Tattoo for free and Kyler was so happy since he actually got to pick a completely different one. 5 Stars!


I took my grandkids and the prices were amazing. They give a discount for groups or family and that is their normal prices. The Tattoos lasted from 1 week on my youngest to almost 3 weeks on my oldest grandchild. 5 Stars!

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